about us

Hi there! I'm so glad you found us here at Diddle & Co.
Here's a little insight behind our name:
diddle: to pass time aimlessly or unproductively
We spend a lot of time playing, exploring, and down right diddling around here. We love spending time outside in the dirt and with our water toys. We believe there are benefits to getting bored and getting dirty! 
As a girl mom, we have a very strict "no bow, no go" policy. The weather might keep us inside some days, but baby girl is going to be dressed cute with a hair bow!
Every day doesn't require a smocked outfit or a French knot bubble, but some occasions do. Our designs reflect both comfy & cute - so kids can be kids! 
If you have questions or special requests for something you want to see in our store, feel free to email me directly at savannah@diddleandco.com! I will do my best to respond promptly. :)
xoxo, Savannah